Convert Time Zones

Convert Time Zones in Power BI Reports in 5 Steps or Less

Importing data into Power BI from a data source, like SharePoint, can result in some odd behavior.

Date and time values often appear in UTC time instead of the local time zone.

Easily convert the time zone with a custom column:

  1. Make sure Date/Time/Zone is the data type for your current column. If it isn’t, use the transform tab to change the data type.
  2. In Edit Queries, click the Add Column tab.
  3. Select Custom Column. Name the new column.
  4. Enter this formula into the Custom column formula field:
    DateTimeZone.ToLocal([EndDate]) Replace EndDate with the name of your date/time field.undefined
  5. Click OK. Feel free to change the data type for custom column to Date/Time.