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I wonder how many of us use shared mailboxes to funnel work? How well does a shared mailbox, on its own, work. Do all team members do their fair share of the work answering messages from the shared mailbox or does social loafing run rampant?

Maybe it is time to consider monitoring email in shared mailboxes. After all, receiving and responding to email can require a lot of effort. We all know how it is. We receive lots of email everyday and we don’t get to read all of it but we hope to get back to it. In business we may find that we probably get more email than we do in our personal lives. We get emails from vendors, wannabe vendors, co-workers, project teams, bosses, customers, etc. It seems if a person exists then we are getting email from them. So we make shared mailboxes so we can spread the dread of checking the mailbox amongst more teammates or employees and inevitably this thing becomes a work process… a work process that is hard to keep track of. Who on the team is doing what with these messages and how many things are they doing?

This is the problem that my self-paced workshop will explore and resolve with a custom solution built using the Power Platform.

Workshop Details

This workshop will quickly review a typical shared mailbox with subfolders and then jump right in to planning and building a custom solution to keep track of the messages in the mailbox folders and subfolders without having to manually check the mailbox. This is a working solutions for teams or managers to assist in active workflow management.

This workshop includes:

  • recorded instructional material
  • written instructional material

What you’ll need:

  • A Power Apps license (free trial version works)
  • A Power Automate license (free trial version works)
  • A Power BI license (free trial version works)
  • Power BI Desktop (available on Windows only)
  • An active Outlook mailbox

Why is this paid content?

Extensive and detailed content
The content of this workshop is applicable to a very common workplace problem that I have encountered time and again in many organizations that I have consulted for or worked as an employee. I wanted to share this knowledge with more people than I can directly consult with. At the same time, creating this workshop involved a lot of effort, time and other resources. It is quite extensive and detailed and it took much time to develop, write and record. In lieu of inundating this site with ads, I chose to offer this content, to anyone needing this exact topic, at a very low one-time cost.

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