The Challenge

Take a completely manual and tedious process of filing received email and recording data manually in a spreadsheet and re-imagine the process with a suite of tools to automatically manage the flow of information to internal teams, while providing real-time analytics to business leaders.

Challenge accepted.

We can craft solutions that leverage Microsoft’s Power Automate, SharePoint, PowerApps and Power BI, tools readily available in most Microsoft tenant subscriptions. This solution eliminates the manual processes of checking various Microsoft Outlook mailboxes and manual typing in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The task of managing multiple shared mailboxes and spreadsheets has been traded in for a single PowerApps app for support members.

Team members interact with a user-friendly app, accessible from the desktop and mobile devices.

Business leaders have constant visibility of team performance and can drive performance.

Business leaders are able to directly assign work to team member and this management app suggests team members with the least number of incidents claimed to ensure equal distribution of work.

This solution provides many added benefits. It’s no longer necessary for business leadership to manage access to shared mailboxes, removing a large administrative burden. In fact, access to the actual mailboxes has been removed from team members since there is no need to peruse actual mailboxes. This process change has an additional set of benefits, too. Accidental deletion and movement of email messages is eliminated.

Behind the scenes, Power Automate and SharePoint are at work.

These tools are just a small taste of the robust solution.

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Niki Milligan